About WebInsight

The project WebInsight will deliver high-value analysis of World-Wide-Web (WWW) content by crawling the entire web in a way that enforces high freshness of any page, extracting and analyzing the updated data, and proposing real-time automatic webservices (via a SaaS platform) that will be usable by decision makers.

The key feature is to be able to compute metrics on webpages related to their position in the Web graph, and to use this, in addition with a semantic analysis, to predict the likelihood of them having changed. Combining dynamic computation of these metrics with machine learning and importance weighting will allow us to provide a fresh vision of the web at a minimal cost.

Companies supporting,
creating WebInsight

Webedia is a global media and technology company, specialized
in the recreation and entertainment industries.

Webedia is a global media and technology company, specialized in the recreation and entertainment industries.
Since 2007, Webedia has been targeting a passionate audience by building a global network of unique talents, media brands, events and services. Based in 15 countries, Webedia attracts more that 177 million unique visitors each month on all devices with more than 50 media brands. Webedia guides its clients through the process of defining and achieving their digital marketing strategies, offering solutions to their advertising, content marketing and e-commerce needs.

Exensa is a highly innovative private research lab, focusing on big data, text, graphs and behaviour mining and predictive models.

Exensa has delivered high value solutions to leading companies in the field of Social Network Monitoring, Social Commerce, Legal documents. Created in 2011, it has developed a set of high performance technologies for very large scale analysis. It has a acquired recently a new expertise in the field of web crawling.

Kernix provides consulting, data science, design and development services in order to address both strategic and operational needs of our clients.

Combining high quality and performance services, added value and innovation, Kernix enables its clients to make the best use of digital technology. As a well-known digital transformation company, our success stories rely on :
■ An iterative methodology focused on your business KPIs ;
■ Our experts in data science, design and development to deliver operational solutions ;
■ An open-source philosophy rather than black box.

The University of Twente is a young, entrepreneurial research university. Founded in 1961 in Enschede, the Netherlands, the UT stands for high tech with a human touch.

At the UT 3,200 scientists and professionals conduct pioneering research and offer relevant, innovative and inspiring education to 10,000 students. UT’s research is highly regarded at national and international levels, and is accommodated within world leading research institutes. In its research, UT focuses on nanotechnology, information technology, biomedical technology and technical medicine, governance, behavioural sciences and geo-information science and earth observation. The research institutes combine scientific excellence with a sharp eye for economic and societal impact. They are highly successful in generating spin-off businesses (over 50 new companies annually). Considering the EU’s funding landscape, UT researchers are involved in over 217 FP7 projects and 97 H2020 projects already. The team participating in the WebInsight project is affiliated with the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of the UT.